Book Review…Copy Cat by Erica Spindler

For Fans of: Karin Slaughter, Richard Montanari

This was the first book I had read by Spindler and although I felt it at times to be a little complex with a few too many characters,  but thus aside I did enjoy it.
The plot focused on Kitt Lungdren a disgraced police officer who had just returned to work after a recovering from alcoholism.
Her old nemesis SAK (the silent angel killer) is back and she is forced on the case. There are so few clues and even fewer links.
There is another woman on the case MC and she is cold and distant she also has an intense dislike for Kitt and her past.  Will they catch the SAK before it’s too late?
Spindler’s writing style us very similar to Richard Montanari with all the usual twists and turns I would expect but at times I felt a little bored by the book and with so many characters I didn’t know who was who at times and some felt a little unnecessary.

Would I recommend this? Yes
Score 4/5



One thought on “Book Review…Copy Cat by Erica Spindler

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