Open Letter to The Rude Bus Driver…


You work for Arriva bus service and you drive me to the station for work once or twice a week and to put it mildly you are horrible. Not only do you look gross you snatch my money, you don’t say please or thank you nor do you even ask me for the fare you just expect me to know it.I know it annoys you when I step on the bus all bright out wishing you a good morning and using please and thank you when asking for my ticket, I know you had it even more when I leave the bus with a cheery goodbye and thank you.

I have considered being rude to you but I would much rather highlight your bad manners with my impeccable ones.

But if you don’t start showing your patrons some respect (it isn’t just me who has noticed your behaviour) I will be getting into touch with the head office and making a formal complaint.

Have a nice day!






8 thoughts on “Open Letter to The Rude Bus Driver…

  1. Ugh, I hate people like that. I mean, if you’re going to be driving a bus around for the public part of the job is to be nice and smile once in a while..

  2. One Lovely Blog Award. | Anna Cull ~ illustration & design

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