Non-Fiction Crime That I Love…

I very rarely talk about non-fiction on this blog infact I don’t think I ever have, but here are my three top fact books. I apologise as they all appear to be gory, but I think that’s what makes them so interesting:

Disclaimer: I do not approve of anything that these people did and in no way does it give me any kind of thrill or make me disgusting I just have an interest in crime, if you do not want to hear about these books stop reading now.

  • Cheshire Murders by Alan Hayhurst – this book talks about various murders that took place in the late 19th and very early 20th century. The book is full of lots of little details and explains how the various acts took place and also how some people totally got away with. The RRP is £14.99 but I belive it was about £3 in Asda, definately worth a read if you have an interest in true crime.
  • The next Serial Killers a Shocking History was also one of my Asda bargains, and is a fact book of all noteable serial killers throughout history, I apologise the cover is quite scary. This is a really comprehensive book with some little known facts and includes over a hundred killers.
  • Jack The Ripper The Casebook by Richard Jones, we have all heard of the infamous killer who was never caught. This catalogues all of his victims, London at the time and also possible culprits. There are copies of original letters and statements and also some quite horrifyinh photos. This book is  not for the fainthearted. Price wise this was another bargain at £5 from The Works.

jack the ripper cheshire murders serial killers


4 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Crime That I Love…

  1. Awesome. I’ve spent the past two decades reading stories about Gacey, Bundy, Ramirez- the list is long. One you might find interesting is the book called “Depraved”; it’s the story of England’s first notorious serial killer. It’s extremely gory and difficult to read, and at times, hard to process, but it’s a good one.

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