7 Deadly Sins of Reading…Sloth

The question for this is probably quite obvious but here we are:

What book have you avoided reading/ not finished due to laziness?

For this I actually have two books and both by the same author (Stephen King) these are:

  • Dreamcatcher – this book is just so long, I have read some of his other epics that are much longer but at 694 pages I just cannot be bothered. I read the first 30 pages and just put it right back on the bookshelf.
  • The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger -this is the first of The Dark Tower series and the foreword at the beggining puts me off also if I read this book I have to read them all and that’s just too much effort.

dreamcatcher gunslinger

So, now you’ve seen my lazy streak  what would be your answer?


3 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins of Reading…Sloth

  1. Mine is the Game of Thrones series, it took me 2 months to finish, mostly because large parts bored me, and then there’s another 6 books. So it’ll take me a year to finish them if they’re all as tedious in parts as the first.

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