My Favourite Christmas Present … Rebecca

If you are a regular reader of this blog you may have  noticed how much I love the Alfred Hitchcock film Rebecca, and after me mentioning it in the summer, the gorgeous boyfriend remembered and bought me a copy for Christmas! Not only does it contain the book I really wanted it is also beautifully bound.

As I am only about 60 pages into the book I cannot do a full review at the moment but I am definitely enjoying it and I feel transported into a totally different world while reading it. As I’m writing this I’m actually itching to get back to it.

There were some problems when I initially unwrapped the book though, with the cover being particualrly bubbly so the boyfriend emailed Blackwell’s who sent me a new one without even asking for the old one in return! I am now reading the one in not such great condition so the other one can stay perfect.

Thank you Blackwells (and boyfriend!)

The pictures are of the more damaged book.

rebecca 1rebecca 2


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