New Phone!…. Buy this…

I got to the point this week where I just could not take my blackberry anymore, the internt wasn’t working, the app store has never worked and the customer service I recieved from three was even worse. The first thing I did was call up three to cancel my old contract and I think I had to tell the man on the other end of the phone over ten times I wanted to cancel before he finally got the point.

So I got the Samsung Galaxy note II and it’s amazing. The phone comes with an amazing 16G inbuilt memory and this can be added to with SD cards. The HD screen is brilliant and the sound quality is also outstanding. I think this phone may not only replace my blackberry but my ipod too. As it’s on the android system there is a huge choose of apps and I have alreadly downloaded tonnes of games apps!

The pen that comes with it isn’t one of the normal silly little things, it’s a of a decent size and is so easy to write with. You can also use to it to cut images, which I love.

Also a note to say how great the service was at phones4u in Northwich, they gave me a great deal and I actually enjoyed my time spent in the shop. Thank you Sam, and the wheeler dealer manager who I didn’t get the name of.



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