New Poem… Jayne (JJ)

I was just aged seven,

When my mummy went to heaven,

She was pretty and bright,

And could cuddle just right,

She liked playing games with my brother,

No doubt, she was born to be a mother,

I, 8 months old, my dad left her all alone,

But we were happy, on our own,

Christmases, Brithday, just us three,

My brother, my mummy and me,

Finish school ketchup butties and hugs,

That time we all had stomach bugs,

I quite proud of the woman I’ve become,

And it’s all down to you mum,

It’s 14 years since you left us all alone,

But you loved me so I’m happy on my own,

You should know I’m crying as I write this,

But it’s not from upset, pain or anguish,

It’s becausse of all the good times we had together,

They will stay with me forever,

I’d like a chance to say things I didn’t before,

I’d need a few minutes, an hour, no more,

But then what if my thoughts all came to the top?

Once I’d start I don’t think I could stop,

Without this chance though, I’ll still fine,

Just so grateful to have a mother like mine,

You see JJ you’re in my heart and in my head,

And aslong as you’re there, you’re not really dead.



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