Book Finished…. The Faithless by Martina Cole

Cythia always wanted better in life so to be left with like Jimmy was always going to be a disappointed, two children later and she doesn’t love them either. Infact, the only person (apart from herself) who she has ever looked was Johnny P her sister’s husband. She will do anything to get what she wants….

This book was great, very gritty as always with Martina Cole but again very well written. This book explored all of the different characters fully and the story was told by a number of different view points. There was a lot of bad language throughout the book and some of the scenes were quite gruesome… but I love gruesome!

There was a lot of death and even mental illness was written about giving this book a different depth to the previous ones. I would love to read something light hearted by the author though as I think it would be a great read.

As with all Martina Cole I can’t not give it a highscore it was brilliant:




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