Liking Bands Before They Were Massively Famous… Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy formed in 2001 and it is safe to say that everyone is aware of them, it is also safe to say I adore them. I have owned every studio album they have produced, seen them life and I love Patrick Stump’s solo work. When Take This to Your Grave arrived in 2003 they were a virtual unknown in England but I loved them, so as soon as From Under The Cork Tree arrived in 2005 I bought it immediately another great album from them. Who can forget Sugar We’re Goin Down? this album even went double platinum.

This album made them none in England but not as much as infinity on high, with ‘This Ain’t a Scene It’s an Arms Race’ really highlighting how good they were to other audiences.

Folie a Deux was their next album this material on this is very different to Take This to Your Grave but I love it just as much, as usual the lyrics are witty and minimal swearing is used.

Fall Out Boy were the 93rd best band of the 2000-2010 decade according to Billboard.


Patrick Stump

Pete Wentz

Joe Trohman

Andy Hurley

Here is Saturday from Take This To Your Grave.


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