Jimmy Saville Abuse Allegations…

Almost every British adult will be aware of Jimmy Saville, he was the charismatic host of Jim’ll Fix It, Clunk Click and Top of The Pops. He died last year a couple of days before his 85th birthday. In a recent ITV documentary (aired last night) he has been accused of systematically absuing young girls of about 14/15 years of age.

There have been two sides to this argument his family and the charities he set up saying the allegations are not true and they are damaging to any continuous and  posthumous charity work.

But then the evidence seems to be quite overwhelming. A large number of girls recalls cases of very simlair abuse and with Jimmy being one of the top star in the country at the time, with connections to both politicians and royalty it is obvious why the victims have waited so long to speak out.

In a way if these women were abused as young girls their voices should be heard, as this should not be allowed to happen again, with the next big TV personailty. I also do feel for the family of Jimmy Saville if  he did do what he is accused of, it’s as if everything they believed about him was a lie all along, but people shouldn’t forget his charity work.

He raised over £40 million for charity it doesn’t excuse what he did, but people should remember this and not let those charities suffer because of these absue claims. Respect should also be shown to his family, they probably had no idea what was going on and I really hope they are given space, not hounded by the press and not abused by the public.

This is probably just the beginning and I think it’s obvious that more and more abuse allegations will surface. But, it is destined to be a one sided story as the man behind all of this controversy left us on the 29th October 2011.


4 thoughts on “Jimmy Saville Abuse Allegations…

  1. What I don’t understand is that these grown women are just coming forward now – I saw some of it on TV last night and thought why didn’t you come forward when someone could actually do something about it. My thought was backed up by the fact that she said she knew he had done it to many other girls so regardless of him being a public figure if enough came forward something would have to be done.

    I agree with you on the point that it is now a very one sided argument – and I am definitely not condoning what he did but its a bit late no?

    • Part of me thinks these girls couldn’t possibly be making it up, there’s just too many similarities. But at the same time, now he’s gone it doesn’t seem fair, as he isn’t here to face them.
      I also agree that it is too late as some of these women are in their fifties and could have easily come out as adults years ago.
      I just feel really sorry for his family, whether he did these things or not.

      • Exactly now they have to deal with the ‘what ifs’ which is terrible thing to have hanging over you on top of the death of someone you loved dearly. No matter what he did his family still deserve the respect of others in mourning. Great post 😀

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