Book Finished…The Stranger (A Novella) by Chris Martin

There was a tragedy in Seal Bay eight years ago and the man responsible, Lance Puckett has returned to town, and Dillion a local business owner and recovering alcoholic is terrified. To the point where he has to go and see him and they meet at a local cafe. Lance tries to kill him and a number of other people within the cafe before forcing Dillion into a car and driving him miles out of town…

This was so well written, I literally couldn’t put it down! Dillion seemed to be genuinely tortured by the return if this man the relationship with his sponsor Jimmy and Jimmy’s sister Dena are well written. The friendship is very obvious, I do not want to spoil this piece for anyonebut there is a massive twist at the end that I don’t think anybody would expect. I actually found myself reading a couple of paragraphs three or four times to make sure I got it right!

Although this story was quite dark the writing flowed easily and it seemed almost effortless. New and newish authors tend to overload work with too many metaphors or too big words, but this book spoke of a confidence that didn’t require ths.

This book was 77p so also very cheap and I would have paid three times that price. Read Chris Martin’s work he has lots to offer the literary world, and I wish him all the success.

I would give The Stranger:



3 thoughts on “Book Finished…The Stranger (A Novella) by Chris Martin

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