Now Kensuke Okabayashi… Can Make Me into an Artist?

Yesterday I reviewed a video tutorial I had taken by Mark Crilley and under his careful instruction I was able to draw a pretty convincing eye. I was then inspired and decided to delve into the Manga For Dummies book I had on the shelf.

Kensuke Okabayashi is the author of this book and it is filled with her illustrations and thousands of useful hints and tips. As I have no creative ability what so ever I decided to draw a fairly basic manga face with a fancy bow. I know that one of the eyes is too far to the side and the mouth could be better, but on the whole I quite like what I’ve done.

It isn’t as easy to teach someone via  a book as is it video, so I measure this accomplishment almost akin to first eye I draw. Here’s some pictures of the book (and some on the pages I used) and my finished effort. I was bought this book as a present, and I would actually recommend it, but you can decide for yourselves…



2 thoughts on “Now Kensuke Okabayashi… Can Make Me into an Artist?

  1. Nice blog : ) If you want to explore your creative side (you obviously have one), I recommend Danny Gregory’s book ‘The Creative License’. He’s funny, talented and has inspired many of us to stop wishing we could draw and just get on with it. Happy New Year.

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