Book Finished… Free Falling By Debra Webb

This begins with Alex, Emily and Free watching the new sexy neighbour as he moves in next door to them. Free feels an instant attraction to him even when they have a fight over a tree and end up in jail together. The two of them soon realise they desperately want each other, the thing is they are so unsuitable she is ‘gyspy girl’ and he is a serious business man who focuses on nothing but work. They just have to try and resist each other..

I am not really a romance reader but as this book was only 77p I had had nothing to lose and it was actually really good. The whole time I just wanted them to get together. The sex scenes that were in this book were classy and the Free’s background story was really well written.

I must admit that the book was just a bit ‘nicey nice’ for me, although Faith had a bit of a dark past it wasn’t as edgy as a normal like. Maybe I needed something light hearted and I guess this was the book to do it.

I understand that Debra Webb has written lots of books and I would consider buying another one.

I’d rate this book:



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