Robbie Hance… and Others Who Throw Away Oppurtunites

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may remember me expressing a hate for the X-factor nation but I have been a bit of a hypocrite I’m afraid because this year I have been glued to the TV every Saturday night. Some of these acts do have genuine talent and seem to be working fairly hard.

Last week the viewer saw Robbie Hance a homless young man enjoy a great first audition. This would have been a great chnace to get him off the street and begin a better life. Yet, when he got to boot camp he didn’t even both to learn the words of the song. He’d spent the whole day sleeping. Why would you do that? It’s lazy and a waste of time there are many really hard owrking artists of all kinds out there writers, painters and musicians that never get that kind of oppurtunity, yet they  work hard day after day and don’t give up.

Maybe he should learn a lesson from these people.


2 thoughts on “Robbie Hance… and Others Who Throw Away Oppurtunites

  1. If you are going to make a blog to slate others because your life is synical and tedious,then at least learn how to spell.

  2. you can’t even spell working,fuck off you fucking retard.i walked off because i don’t want to be associated with single cell brains….i will again speak in a language that your shitty,inner-self will understand..fuck good i had to post it again.more of a loser than the fucking homeless guy.robbie fucking hance,signed.dotted.dated.fuck off.

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