So Edit of my Short Story….

I got a great email from Fay at, she’d done some editing to my first story. I was really impressed with this so I thought I’d show you all here it is:

That is it. The straw that has broken the proverbial camels back. There would be no more tolerance or straight forward acceptance. No more excuses. 

After finding lipstick on his collar for the third time Joanne knew it would be the last. The type of girl she could picture clearly – pretty, young, skinny and fucking him for his money obviously. 
‘How could I have ever fancied a man called Clive?’ she thought to herself. A man who built his company from bottom up has now let the success go to his head and destroyed almost all of the foundations he laid. Living by their sacred marital vows Joanne had been there for richer for poorer and had forsaked all others. 
It was 19:30 and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc was open on the table with a large glass poured out next to it. Surely drowning her sorrows would make her feel better, if not it would send her into an abyss where she could forget her perpetual woes for a couple of hours at least.
So a big thank you toFay! All go and read her blog!



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