So My First Ever Piece of Writing…

Ok so this hasn’t been edited or even properly proofread I wanted to share my raw ideas before they were chopped and changed.

So here it is:


That was it. The last straw. She couldn’t take it anymore, she just couldn’t.

This was third time Joanne had found lipstick on her husband’s shirt and she was determined  it would be the last. She knew the type these girls were pretty, young, skinny and fucking him for his money no doubt.

Clive (how could I have ever have fancied a man called Clive? Joanne asked herself) had started an IT firm ten years ago and after endless months of struggling and hard work it had eventually became a success.

All of that time money had been tight and all that time Joanne had been there and this is how her repaid her?

At 19.30 she opened a bottle of wine. Well what else was she going to do? Hell, she was lonely should drink as much as she wanted. Who did he think he was?

Candice that was the name of the first one, 18 barely a child but she’s shared a hotel bed many times with her husband.

Joanne didn’t want to confront Clive at first she didn’t know what to say or how to say it and was terrified he would leave her. But when he came in reeking of Charlie Red for the tenth time she couldn’t help herself.

That day she called Clive into the kitchen and said straight out,
“so who is she?”
‘What do you mean?” Clive replied
“I’ve smelt her tacky perfume and I’ve heard you on the phone a couple of times what’s her name?!”

By this time Joanne was screaming, she just couldn’t believe  he’s had the gall to deny it. After a further twenty minutes of the same conversation he admitted it.

He promised he’d never do it again, said it was definitely over, he even fired the poor girl. How could she call her a poor girl? No she was a slut, she knew Clive was married and she even had a boyfriend herself.

The second seemed an odd choice this one was near his own age and was at least 5 stone overweight. Her name was Michelle it was only through a bit of research she’d realised he’d done it to get a contract. So now he was a whore too.

Yet again she had decided to forgive him after all there was some sense in that. The contract had increased business ten fold.

Joanne currently had an ok life she could spend all day in best boutiques or at the hairdressers having yet another blowdry. She knew her marriage wasn’t perfect and her husband had an unhealthy love for other women, but she kept hoping this would change.

The third one… Well she didn’t know who this one was. And for once she didn’t want to find out.

She looked at the clock it was now 10pm where was he? She decided to call his office, the phone rang and rang and rang no answer. He would be at the hotel again with whoever this one was.

She opened another bottle of wine and decided to watch the new reality television show. She woke up two hours later to the sound of someone sneaking up the stairs. There he was, her loving husband!

She was now feeling the affect of nearly two bottles of wine.
Her words were slurring as she screamed, “what time do you call this?”
Her hair was stuck to one said of her face and her eyes were blood shot red.

Clive could tell she’d been drinking purely by the expression on her face.
“Just out for a drink with a couple of the lads, I thought you might have been asleep already, I was just going to head straight upstairs.”
When he turned round she was fast asleep again, this often happened no wonder he went somewhere else. Where the women weren’t drunk and actually possessed a bit of tenderness.Oh well, a divorce would cost him too much he’d been with her since well before the business, she would be able to take everything.

The next morning he woke up to the smell of eggs and sausages, and when he padded downstairs he saw a bright eyes Joanne cleaning pans and a full English on the table.

“For me?” He said.
“Well I owe you an apology for last night.”

She then sat down to her breakfast and began to eat. Seconds after biting into the first bit of bacon Clive felt something was wrong. His throat began to tighten and his heart was pounding in his chest.

She must have seen what was going on, why wasn’t she helping? And that’s when he saw it the hatred in her eyes, she wasn’t going to get the adrenaline was she? That was the last thought for Clive and then it all went black.

Joanne smiled at her handy work so frying the bacon in ground nut oil was the right thing to do. She knew his nut allergy would come in use one day.

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