Book Review…. The Suicide Club by Rhys Thomas

This is a book I found in London shop nearly two years ago and is the first book by this author. It’s about Craig who has tried to kill himself before, by taking an overdose but failed. A new guy then started at his school called Freddy and soon he was encouraging other students to join him and commit suicide too. They signed a pact and soon the deaths began.

This story is dark, it made me think just h0w this could happen. Freddy was particulalry manipulative, he tested them before offering the pact. Making them do things such as steal the school mascot, which they would never have done before. He was tested them to see if they would do what he said.

Friendships break down because of Freddy so more suicides happen.

I really enjoyed  this book I finished the book hating Freddy and nearly every page I wanted to scream ‘NO! Don’t fall for it.’

I felt really involved in the book and it wanted me to read more and more it even made me consider th social issues explored within the book. This could really happen, in fact some people belive in did in Brigend a few years ago.

Great book:




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