Writing Advice Required…

First of all what constitutes a short story? How long does it have to be? What books should I be looking at for writing advice? How do I get people to read it?




3 thoughts on “Writing Advice Required…

  1. I would tell you to write what is inside of you. If it needs to be expanded upon, that can come later in revisions. The important parts are the bones. What is moving you and inspiring you to even begin. Stay with it for as long as it comes to you. Take a little time to develop your characters and make them your audience’s best friends. The final product depends largely upon what you want to do with your story. Are you wanting to publish it as a novella? Are you going to post it in sections on your blog? Could your idea have the potential to be over 80 pages and be a book? My book “Tales of Elgolan” was written to be a series of short stories to be posted on Amazon. When they pulled the plug on that program, I took those stories and compiled a book that made up a prequel to my first novel “Noble Courage”. So perhaps you would think about compiling a collection of shorts into one book! Good Luck! 🙂

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