People Who Fall for Obvious Scams and then Blame Other People…

On the TV and in the papers we hear everyday about people being scammed. Paying rogue builders up front, giving their card details over the phone and setting up some sort of online contract and not reading the terms and conditions.
They then expect compensation of some form straight away. By law banks do have to provide a refund if it can be found that these transactions are not genuine. But, if the consumer has received the goods and they have simply not read the terms and conditions they are not.
The best thing to do is just to say no. If somebody cold calls you put the phone down.
Put a chain on the door and if a salesman is on your doorstep shut it in his face.
Ignore any letters or emails from companies you don’t know and remember most banks do NOT send emails, so avoid filling online forms in that come via a link on an email.
These are all just simple measures to stop you being scammed .If you know someone who could be vunerable talk to them as often as possible. Even if they’ve written a cheque these can always be stopped.
Exercise common sense and be assertive and this won’t happen to you.


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