New Writing Project For Me…

Ok so lats night I starting writing my first ever short story, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and the success of this blog has given me the final push to do it. This means I won’t have quite as much time for reading so the book reviews won’t be coming back as quickly as they have been.

When I’ve finished I’ll be releasing sections on it on here. As this is my first time please be kind…


6 thoughts on “New Writing Project For Me…

  1. Good for you!! I’m glad you are doing that. I started writing my first book after getting some hard news a very long time ago! Writing a novel was one thing on my “bucket list” so I started cranking it out. Turned out things were fine, someone just decided it was time to kick me in the rear to make my dreams come true. Congrats on getting kicked in the rear! lol!! I look forward to seeing your work. 🙂

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