Book Finished…Dark Ice by Steph Sweeney

****This is an Erotica Review****
This is a short Erotica story noting Darrell’s time spent at a party. He shows up thinking he will have a chance with Amelia, a girl who he has liked for ages. He finds himself ignored throughout the night.

With most erotica the background story isn’t particularly good, but this was excellent. There was enough about Darrell and there was even quite a shocking ending that had nothing to with sex, which made it much better.

The sex scenes were really good too, the words used weren’t cliché, but they were the rude offensive type either.

The sex scene wasn’t only hot but actually quite realistic.

I managed to get this story free but would actually have paid money for it.
I rate this book:
Great Erotica.



One thought on “Book Finished…Dark Ice by Steph Sweeney

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