Book Finished…A Family Affair by Mary Campisi

Christine, the Vice President of her fathers company finds out he has been involved in a fatal car crash.
At the reading of the will the name of someone she has never heard of before is mentioned.
She decides to go and meet this person she discovers the person mentioned Lily is actually her 13 year old half sister.
Soon Christine finds herself meeting her second family regularly and staying for a number of days at a time. Her mother has no idea of this other family.

To start off with this book is quite complicated but within a couple of chapters I knew what going on.
The relationships in this book seem to be very strange and at some times a bit over dramatic.
One of the characters Uncle Harry was a bit dirty minded for me and some of the things he ‘thought’ were just not essential.
However the book did keep me hooked and I really did enjoy some of the characters, I even cried at one stage.
As the book was free it couldn’t really have been a better deal.
I will give this book:


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