Shopping Trip and EAT. …

We decided to go shopping, which basically meant well over an hour in Waterstones and not an awful lot else. As I have kindle I like to go and smell the books even if that is weird but I do miss a good paperback. We went to EAT. For a sandwich and it was gorgeous I had a tuna melt toastie and the boyfriend had a steak melt one.

I had a scone and he had a chocolate muffin.

I would definitely recommend it the service was really good and there was lots of choice!


One thought on “Shopping Trip and EAT. …

  1. It’s the beginning of the Great Anosmia, when we took smell out of all their lives. Next time you’re near an antiquarian bookstore check out those smells — all that acid chewing up the rough old wood pulp, the leather, the glue. Now as we upgrade our Kindles even the old fonts will disappear. We’ll hunt for mods on the web, can I get a Kindle 2009 look for my Kindle Blue Crack-Lighter Flame holobook? Not without a service contract? Dammit…

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