Book Finished…The Dark Proposal By Megan Cashman

The books follows Claire a girl who has just finished university and is starting a career in freelance journalism, sadly she isn’t doing too well.
One day a gorgeous -but slightly strange- professor comes into the university office where she works part time. They get chatting and he agrees to help her with her freelancing. Her fortunes instantly change.
They end up dating and pretty soon she falls in love with him. A few months in he asks her to be his companion and she discovers he is a vampire.

I NEVER read vampire books this is actually my first one. But I think I want the next instalment already! This wasn’t the usual no garlic, stake through heart vampire book, Ms Cashman creates her own type of vampire.

There is also a really good background story. She writes in real depth how vampires began and it is totally her own.

In some ways the book rings of Fifty Shades of Grey, but how Fifty Shades of Grey SHOULD be written.
Something I really appreciated was the warning that came with the story indicating sex scenes and language. You never get this with books and think this practice should be used by all authors.
There was one tiny problem and that was, the few typos throughout the story. But you know what? I’ve seen typos in Stephen King books and he’s been writing for decades.

Due to this little niggle I feel I can’t give this book full marks but I think 4.5 would be too low. So for this one I’ve changed the marking scheme:
Put Fifty Shades down and read The Dark Proposal you won’t regret it.

This book cost £2.56, which I thought was about right but maybe she could charge a bit more for the next one?


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