How do I use Goodreads?

Yesterday I registered for good reads hoping to find what to read next but I found it really hard to use. I’m on an iPad so it was really hard to rate the books, and then I thought I would be given links to buy books I was interested in. I know a lot of people on here use this site so it must be really good.

Can I have some advice please?


6 thoughts on “How do I use Goodreads?

  1. I use Goodreads, probably not to it’s full potential. I just use it to see what my friends have read, look at groups for suggestions and occasionally leave a review.
    There’s an ebook section on the iPhone app, but I don’t know how it works.

  2. I’ve just noticed some bizarre changes on Goodreads. Often they trial some things and then drop them because everyone hates them!
    You have to remember the site is like Facebook, not like Amazon. It’s not a shop; it’s a social networking site.
    If you open a book’s page, there’ll be a section on the right-hand side of the page that says something like, “Readers who shelved this book also shelved”. Have a look at those lists for book recommendations.
    Also, have a look at Listopia (in the menu at the top of the page). There are lists for everything there. Example: “best contemporary romance books”.
    Those lists have lots of suggestions, voted on by other readers.
    It’s a good idea to “friend” or “follow” some people. “Friend” people whose reviews you’ve liked, or even “friend” authors you read. The more you get involved in the network, the more blog posts and new release announcements and book reviews you’ll see in your update feed.
    Also make sure you create shelves in your profile and add books you like. Likeminded readers will find you that way.
    But as for having books advertised to you, that won’t ever happen on Goodreads.

  3. Can you keep this investigation going? I still don’t get Goodreads and Basia Rose’s comment about not being advertised to does not jibe with my experience. I have one friend who religiously posts and rates book she reads, but mostly Goodreads seems to try to tempt me by sending me emails of paid links to books I couldn’t care less about.

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