Book Finished…Trafficked: The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced into The Sex Trade by Sophie Hayes

This is the true  story of Sophie who went to stay with her best friend Kas in Italy only to discover he wanted her to work the streets for him.
For a number of months she slept with many different men to pay off a debt for Kas. She would come home to regular beatings and emotional abuse, very quickly she was totally dependant on him.
Sophie had met this man in a club a number of years before and when he called her out of the blue one day they soon became best friends. She totally trusted him.
I am not normally a reader of autobiographies but this one is worth reading. Although I was aware of trafficking I had no idea it could happen to someone like me and it has really opened my eyes.
At times in the book I was in tears, how could one human being treat another this way?
People shouldn’t just read this book because its a powerful read it should be read so we know what to look out for.
This outstanding lady has also done lots of work for STOP THE TRAFFIK and continues to do so.
To find out more go to:

I would give this book a:

5/5 not only was it a read I just didn’t want to put down Ms Hayes is an inspiration.


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