Book Finished…Pretty Twisted by Gina Blaxill

This book is actually tagged as young adult so I am probably a bit too old for it. I didn’t realised this until I had downloaded it but as it was the author’s debut book so I decided to give a go anyway.

The book is about a 16 year old Jonathon and 14 year old Ros who meet online totally by accident.
Soon he is discussing his college worries and girlfriend trouble and she is talking about the crowd her best friend has fallen into.
They soon become quite close and are speaking on a nightly basis. They soon become quite good friends and one of them quickly wants more.
They decide to meet and soon a tragedy means they’re spending more face to face time together than ever.
When I first starting this book I was confused the its written from the two different sides Ros’ and Jonathan’s. I think the trouble was more with the reader than the book though!
Something that struck me was how mature this book was, books from the young adults genre tend to be a bit over dramatic or a slightly inappropriate but this wasn’t.
The story was well written it was an easy read and I wish this author had been around when I was 15.
After some very well written events in the book I felt the ending could have improved, I also think the beginning could have been slightly better. Once I got into this book I didn’t want to put it down.
I would definitely recommend to anyone from this book and for 20p it was a total steal!
For adult readers I would give this book a:
For readers in their teens;


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