Book Finished…Twisted Knickers by A L Cooper

With the recent surge of erotic fiction since the success of the Fifty Shades trilogy I wasn’t surprised to see this as one of the top free kindle books.
What did surprise me was how well it was written I had decided not to read any reviews before hand so I could make a fair assessment.
The sex scenes are really well written and actually sexy to make it better the background story is well put together and I really like Christie.
Christie works as a chat hostess (meaning she basically makes money talking on the phone) and the odd conversation that is mentioned is funny as opposed to dirty.
She is divorced with two children and the book begins with her catching her husband with his pants down again.
This book also wasn’t over dramatic – which, I find can often be a problem in chick-lit – this stuff could happen to you or I.
There is plenty to keep the reader interested without going overboard.She a couple of different love interests in the book and she also has to deal with her best friend Jane’s issues and her egotistic ex-husband who is determined to have a Hollywood career.
The ebook is now retailing for £1.53 but I would quite happily pay double for it.
I would love some more books my her and I’m going to give this one:


2 thoughts on “Book Finished…Twisted Knickers by A L Cooper

  1. Seems like a good set up – using the chat hostessing to make sex funny – in contrast to the presumably more steamy adventures she gets up to herself.

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