Reviewing New Authors’ Books…

I am looking to write reviews for any stories written by new authors. My reviews will be fair and honest. My main reading genre is probably crime/thriller but I am happy to read anything. If I like your work I will pass to on the recommendation to friends and of course on my blog.

Any authors who are interested can either email me at or they can leave a comment here.

It might take me a few days to read any book and write the review but I will do it.


2 thoughts on “Reviewing New Authors’ Books…

  1. Hello!, You might contact Top 5 Books in Illinois. They are a new publishing house focusing on intelligent mystery and crime works. They have recently published The Raven’s Seal, a new work by Andrei Baltakmens. I think you may like it and they be interested in you reviewing it. Contact Diane Saarinen at if interested. I have no interest in this other than your post reminded me that I was made aware of this new work, and it seems great! Chris

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