Here Come The Boys…Cary Grant

‘Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant’

Cary Grant

In the film ‘None but the Lonely Heart’  Grant plays a loveable chancer called Archie Leach – this just happens to be his real name. Christened as Archibald Alexander Leacher and born in 1908 he was probably the most delicous of all male silver screen actors. He was orginally from Bristol but with his huge amount of time spent acting in American he was given citisenship. He had five wives and one long term relationship but only had one daughter Jennifer Grant.

Insanity runs in  my family. It practically gallops’

Cary Grant

He never actually won an Oscar until 1970 when he was given an ‘honourary oscar’ purely for his contribution to the industry. He had a very unsettled childhood with her mother suffering from mental illness and Grant believe for a number of years that his moving had actually died. His father abandoned him at the age of ten when he remarried and had another child. He was also expelled from school.  That’s when he joined the Bob Pender Stage Troupe and there he learnt how to walk stilts. This also where his stage career began.

We have our factory, which is called a stage. We make a product, we colour it, we title it we ship it out in cans’

Cary Grant

He worked with a large number of the world’s most favourite leading ladies including Marlen Dietrich, Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn. Quite often he was the love interest. He played a variety of roles and his British accent and easy charm made woman across the world fall in love with him.


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