Book Finished…Jazz by Cristian Mihai

I had seen this book advertised on his blog and decided to give it a read as I’m always looking for new authors. This book was only a hundred pages long and it was a quick easy read.
For someone so young it was actually very good. At the start of the book I was impressed by the use of similies and metaphors, but by the end I found them a bit much.
This story centres on a young boy names Chris and his love for amber who is as a beautiful elegant goddess.
After a bad breakup with Chris’ cousin (he accused her of cheating on him with an artist) she decides to leave New York for Paris.
After a few months Chris follow her and begins his career as a writer in the city.
As previously said I was really impressed with Jazz.
I felt the story flowed really easily and it was nice and simple.
I think once the writer has gained a bit more confidence and experience his work could be even better.
This book cost £2.05 and although it was only 100 pages I felt this was a fair price and I’m looking forward to reading more.
As an author I feel he has a bit more to offer so I’m going to give the book:


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