Attention Seekers…

It’s  five to five and you need a manager to come and authorise something for you before you go home for the night and all of sudden ‘she’ she shouts for something. It’s a ridiculous question that she already knows the answer too she just wants a five minute break before she finishes work.

Her ridiculous question (which, you wouldn’t mind if  you thought for a second it was genuine) means you leave the office ten minutes late. You miss the bus/train/hit the heavier traffic all because of her.

She is never in on time and always takes longer breaks adding to your working load and on top of  that she’s rude and knows how to turn the water works on.

We all have people like this in the office and more and more people have this attitude atleast people from other countries are hardworking and honest perhaps that’s why ‘they are taking off of jobs’.


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