Love…The Facebook Killer Trilogy

When I saw the advert for the first part I knew I had to have it.
A man loses his family in a fire that has been lit by  an asian man. When it goes to court the culprits get off lightly and Dermot decides he’s going to avenge his wife and daughter.
He begin my looking at facebook and he decides to ‘pick the apple tree’ by killing his friends off one by one.
Soon his killed dozens of people (this book is extremely bloodthirsty) in a number of different ways.
He decides upon three disguises and soon he sees them all as separate entities with different personality traits.
At the end of the second book Dermot ends up in an asylum.
He then begins to round up what seems to be a random assortment of people. And towards the end of the third book he also has Ahmed (the man who set fire to his house) in his custody and you realise it’s the jury to stage a new trial.   This was written by a little known author called M L Stewart and was written specifically for the kindle I can’t wait to read more.



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