Love… Ingrid Bergman


Although she is often remember for her acting skills I have never heard anybody comment on her beauty. She may have been no Grace Kelly but with her European features he was beautiful in her own right. Born in Sweden in 1915 she had three husbands throughout her life and four children. She sadly died at the ago of 67 in London.

At her first ever audition when she was 17 she’s thought she’d thoroughly messed up but later she was told:

“We loved your security and your impertinence. We loved you and told each other that there was no reason to waste time as there were dozens of other entrants still to come. We didn’t need to waste any time with you. We knew you were a natural and great. Your future as an actress was settled.’


She was in so many great films and recieved a large number of awards, my personal favourite was not one of her most famous but I felt she acted brilliantly this was Spellbound. She was a young woman in love with a man who she really shouldn’t have been and throughout the whole film she was stuck between what she should do and what she wanted to. Brilliant actress.



2 thoughts on “Love… Ingrid Bergman

  1. Aye, absolutely beautiful, and so talented. I still love to pour over her films, been doing so all my life. She indeed had such a gorgeous European look that I always adored. Lovely write here. Loved it thoroughly, well done!

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