Love…Giorgio Faletti

On a holiday in Edinburgh I saw a book that instantly caught my eye. Although I shouldn’t judge a book my it’s cover I am awful for doing just that and I was instantly attracted to this one. The book was called I am God and I instantly fell in love. This was originally written in Italian and then translated for the world’s English speaking population and I’m glad it was. This was actually the second book of his to have been translated but as always I read things the wrong way round.

This books starts of with the bombing of a building and then the detectives soon realise that there are a large number of buildings throughout the city that were mined at the point of construction. In every single explosion an eerie man with a face full of scars has worked there. The detectives get the feeling somebody else is detonating these bombs and that’s when the I am God notes begin to appear. This books shows two sides of the story the whole way through from both the murderer and one of the detectives. It’s not until the last couple of pages the reader discovers who’s behind these crimes and it is a huge shock.

‘A man who does not claim responsibility for his actions, a man who believes himslef to be God’

(extract from the blurb of I am God)

I Kill although the first book he had translated it’s the second book I read and this was even better. A number of people are bing found in the glamourous Monte Carlo with there faces removed. There are messages coming through on the local radio saying ‘I Kill’. This time a detective is dragged from his compassionate leave .to find the murder. This is written in much the same style as I am God and it suits the author and the story perfectly. The reader has a full understanding of the thinking process of the murderer before having any idea who they are. The culprit are always the person who you least expect these books are very cleverly written you seem sure who the perp is and you realised you’ve been had for nearly 500 pages.

‘The voice on the radio, the writing red as blood, I kill’

(extract from the blurb for I Kill)



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