The Most Inspirational Book I’ve Ever Read…

I can’t remember who is was bur whilst going through a hard time a couple of years ago sombody handed me a book  called ‘Out of the Dark’ by Linda Caine and Robin Royston. I have never been a fan of autobiographical and really didn’t expect to like this but I had nothing to read an thought why not?

Linda is a lady suffering with extreme depression to the point where she decides she’s going to commit suicide she even books a hotel room to complete the task in, on the surface she has a perfectly happy life but something has been darkening her horizon for most of her life.

Robin is her psychiatrist and using Jungian theory he eventually manages to find where this stems from. Linda was born and brought up in various African countries and quite early on her mother left be she always adored her father.

Throughout the book Linda hurts herself many times and spent a large chunk in hospital and at first it looks like nothing can core her. I really felt her pain and guilt throughout this book and her despair (something I often felt when I was suffering badly) she feels doesn’t deserve to feel this way.

When they discover what the problem is it’s more horrible than anyone could ever imagine but it’s the key that can finally allow her to start slowly beating the depression and living a normal happy life for the first time.

Linda’s parts are heart felt and refreshingly honest (I admire her strength here) and Robin although technical written in a way the layman can understand.

A highly recommended read whether you’ve suffered from mental illness or not.



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