Book Finished… Duma Key

Despite the fact I love Stephen King I have a policy no more than one Stephen King book in a row – his style can be quite overbearing if not in small doses, but for some reason I decided to go from straight from Carrie to this. I am so glad I did.

It starts of with Edgar Freemantle who has suffered an accident meaning he losing an arm and breaks several other bones in  the process. The accident also means he forgets things and on the advice of his therapist decides to take about and spend a year in Duma Key in Florida. Instantly from the minute he arrives he begins to feel differently, he also has these ‘itches’ from his phantom arm and this causes him to draw and paint almost in a frenzy.

Without giving too much away he soon realises there is something at force on the island and him and his two new friends Wireman and Jack decide to find out what it is haunting the key and destroy it.

This is written in Stephen Kings usual plotless style but that what makes it more exciting some of the details make the book and they aren’t required just added extras.All of the relationships are so well written and I got real understanding of all the characters and at the end (in the middle of a packed train) nearly cried.

He’s penned yet another classic.Image


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