Love… David Nicholls

In a book shop once somebody told me how great One Day was and told me it was a must read, so stuck (and rather bored) at London Euston the next day I popped into Smiths and bought a copy and I instantly fell in love. The Story of Emma and Dexter can be so infuriating at times… I just wished they would get together already!

But that what made the time they had together as a couple so special. I don’t think I have ever cried so much whilst reading a book in my entire life this was heart breaking.

After that I decided to read starter for ten which I also loved the story was very similair however this was set at university and was more comedic than one day. He chased the girl for the entire book and then realised his fate was with someone else.

After that it was The Understudy as you can imagine a book about an understudy’s life like all of the other male character in Nicholls Steven was a bit pathetic and had fallen in love with someone pretty inappropriate who already had someone far better but again it all turned out well.

Although all of David Nicholls book are very similair, this style really suits him, he’s witty and he knows how to make the other both laugh and cry and he makes almost every character lovable.

For a nice simple read these books are perfect, but maybe not if your style is something more heavy and analytical.



6 thoughts on “Love… David Nicholls

  1. I loved one day, a friend brought it me for Christmas. It was so emotional but I fell in love with the book and the characters

  2. I loved the end of One Day, it has to be one of the best I’ve read in a while. The book is on my ‘only took one day to read’ list because I liked it that much.

  3. I read one day a while back and have been procrastinating with regards to reading the other two. After this I might have to get them ASAP! London Euston – I know that place too well! 😀

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