Hate…The HMV Card

The boyfriend and I are both big film fans so when we were offered an HMV rewards card last year for £3 we thought why not? The lady at the till explained to us we could get gig tickets and money off vouchers. As regular shoppers at HMW we thought we would accumlate these points very quickly and soon be able to buy quite a lot of stuff.

Just over six months later I decided to long on  knowing we had spent atleast £300 at the store since getting the card and to my surprise all we were entitled to was £2 to spend in store I  also realised I was just days from this running out as points only last a six month period.

Annoyed but will to give them the benefit of the doubt I consider the gig ticket option to which there was not a single one I could go to. We live about halfway between Manchester and Liverpool and for a free gig ticket we wouldn’t mind travelling to either but they were ALL in London.

It wasn’t worth the travel cost for some band we didn’t even know.

This was worse £3 I’ve ever spent it appears you have to spend thousands to qualify for anything and even if you do if you’re not from London they’re virtually useful do not waste a dime on one of these.


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