Love…Stieg Larsson

After reading the first of the Millenium Trilogy I decided to read the about the author section to see if there was anything else I could read. This was by far one of the best books I had ever read it was also one of the most violent and sexually brutal.Even though i had never heard of the accomplished Swedish journalist before reading the book I was resentful of his sudden tragic death. He could have brought so much more to the fiction arena I thought the oppurtunity to read more of this had been cruelly taken from me.

It’s sad to think if those three memoirs hadn’t been found his name wouldn’t have been well-known as it is today it’s just a shame him family couldn’t have experienced it during his life.

the next two installments, The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest were even better. Again with the huge sexual undercurrent and violence but it suited the books in this case.

I’m not usually a fan of trilogies I normally think I would be done better in one book or more is needed but these were just right. It;s nearly two years since I read these books (and I haven’t seen the films I don’t think I clould handle some of the scenes) but they have stuck with me and I can remember more details than I can from any other series.

I would recommend these books to anyone who can handle the more graphic parts of the book, but even if you can’t grit your teeth it really is worth it.


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