Like… Karin Slaughter

This is an author that i haven’t totally fallen head over heels for yet it;’s more of a slow burner. I read Broken last year and enjoyed it, a story about a murder in the town and then what appear to be a couple of suicides with a corrupt police officer heading the investigation.

The book is gripping and very well written but I found the ending quite disappointing the culprit was somebody who had only been mentioned once before in the book, so I had no real connection to her.

I also read a short story called The Unremarkable Heart, this is about lady who is due to die and is thinking back over her life towards the end there’s a chilling twist. I would definitely recommend this, it cost £0.79 for the kindle.

I real another piece thatr was written particularly for e-book called Snatched this is a CIA agent who had to work boring airport shift when he hears a man with a little girl in the toilet cubicle next to him and can sense something is wrong, it’s then a race to find the girl before she is killed. All books can be bought from



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