People who enjoy mindless destruction…

Today I ran to the train station in the hope that I could get home and hour earlier than I did last night… and I made it just in time for the 17:16 meaning this was possible. However when I arrived there seemed to be lots of confusion and it soon came out that someone had damaged the overhead lines (by spilling something on them) and that all trains were delayed all cancelled.

This made me so angry it wasn’t the station staff or the train company to blame it was a mindless act by a stupid individual not only is it dangerous going near the overhead lines there is no need to.

I thought I thought they’d stolen some of the cable and to certain degree I can understand that – there is money to be made for the hardy criminal but to damage it for no reason? I don’t understand.

I can imagine a couple of hundred people arrive home late from work tonight and I doubt that will on the conscience of the piece of work that damaged those lines.


3 thoughts on “People who enjoy mindless destruction…

  1. This may sound like it is politically incorrect but I feel the same about the people that wish to attempt suicide on the busiest underground lines in rush hour. Please kindly do it in the middle of the day when the line is not most heavily used and do not try and divert all attention to yourselves. It is not clever nor is it nice to watch on your way to or from work.

      • I honestly don’t think people take into consideration the ramifications of their behaviour on the people around them. I was discussing this with a friend only yesterday and have to agree with her when she said that if her daughter saw such a thing she would be inclined to bring that person back and waste them again just because of the trauma it would bring to her child. Selfishness!!! Don’t be a stranger! 😀

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