Love… Richard Montanari

Ever since being young I’ve loved crime books I wasn’t even ten when I became addicted to Nancy Drew books!
Montanari is probably one of my favourite writers and again I found him totally by accident.
I saw the book in a WHSmith and it seemed interesting. ‘Play Dead’ it was called and I read it in less than 24 hours it was so cleverly written. So after reading that I went on to a few more books of his and these are:

Echo Man – at time this book is quite  strange and makes you think more twice, you have even less idea who the killer is nearing the end than at the beginning.

Don’t Look Now – this book has so many different aspects and characters its gives you a whole 360 of the crimes. This is probably the most sexual of all of his books I’ve read and although at times quite grotesque it actually adds to the story.

The Violet Hour – this is filled from so many twists and turns and starts to finsh.

The /Rosary Girls- this song is about a number of catholic school girls being killed in the area, for the entire book I was hundred percent sure who the killer was and was made ‘to eat my hat’ when I finished.

I have The Skin Gods on my kindle and it is on my huge list of books to read! All of these are part of a series but I read them in a totally jumbled up order and they worked perfectly well as stand alone books.



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