Love…Stephen King

Picking up an old battered copy of Misery about two years ago I wasn’t expecting much but I loved it. The slow highly detailed writing style and the horror back drop was horror. Next I read Christine a story about a rogue car that can manipulate and kill and this was even better. Now I’ve read quite a number of books by the king of horror including:



Gerald’s Game – in part this book was fairly scary but so well thought out.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – probably my least favourite so far but as I have no idea about baseball it was never to be ideal.

Needful Things – One of his epic, but so good I read it in two days, much faster paced than some of his others.

IT- This book terrified me so much it took me weeks to read I had to take a break every couple of days.

Carrie – I understand this is his first book and it was amazing no wonder he ended up launching a career from this.

Duma Key – My current read and I’m already enjoying it.

I knows he has nearly 100 books published and I know I’m behind – so I best get back to my kindle!


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