Film Review: Rebecca

. Joan Fontaine plays a young woman hired as a ladies companion and whilst on holiday she meets Maxim DeWinter (portrayed by Laurence Oliver), they fall in love and marry.

Once the new Mrs De Winter moves into stately home owned by her husband , she feels the presence Rebecca- he predecessor- everywhere she goes. She cannot settle into the home and believes that everybody dislikes her. Throughout the whole film you never learn  Mrs De Winter’s first name, adding another air of mystery.
I shall not give away the many twists and turns and spoil it for my readers, but this is a great film. It won 2 Academy awards and Joan Fontaine was nominated for best actress. This film isn’t just for lovers of noir, but could suit anybody looking for a film with a slight disturbing quality.
 The acting is incredible here and although the viewer knows something is not quite right, the ending is in no way expected. This could possibly be my favourite film my Mr Hitchcock.

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